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Would You Pass 'The Big Red Bus Test'?

Would You Pass 'The Big Red Bus Test'?

The ULTIMATE test of any leader is ‘the big red bus test’.

The question is - would you pass?

Impending holidays arouse mixed feelings of both relief and dread. Relief at being able to step off the hamster wheel – and dread when you think about ‘clearing the decks’ before you go or, even worse, what horrors will be waiting for you when you get back?

Some managers have decided that holidays are just not worth the hassle. After all, they only end up getting calls whilst they are away and have to sort everything all out once they are back in the office.

If you ever find yourself contemplating giving up holidays then it is time to wake up – big time.

Almost TEN years ago a study in accounting firm Ernst & Young found holidays correlated with stronger performance. Every 10 hours of holiday above the base level equated to an 8% increase in their performance reviews the following year.  

Plenty of other studies back this message up – taking a break improves your productivity – so don’t kid yourself that carrying on regardless makes you a better, more committed leader.

Quite the opposite. 

Worst of all, if you can’t take a holiday for fear of what will happen ‘back at the ranch’ then you have already forgotten what leadership is all about. If you have failed to develop your team so that they cannot operate without you for a fortnight then you have failed as a leader.

So, here’s the test. If a big red bus knocked you down tomorrow, what would happen ‘back at the ranch’?

Would everything fall apart?

Or would your team continue to deliver great results, because you knew that your job was making sure they could?

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