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The magic ingredient in brilliant team relationships

The magic ingredient in brilliant team relationships

The right seasoning can crown a delicious meal. If we want to crown our ability to connect with others we need to add the magic ingredient.


The days of the boss who had all the answers should be wisely left in the last century with Taylor’s Scientific management (see the bad smell of scientific management). He unknowingly put a massive amount of pressure on generations of managers. We have been left with the legacy of “I’m the boss – I’m supposed to have all the answers – it’s my job! If I admit that I don’t have all the answers then surely that makes me weak”


Vulnerability takes courage. Vulnerability isn’t weakness. Vulnerability involves accepting and owning up to the fact we can’t do it alone. And if you really want to do it on your own then for goodness sake don’t be a leader!

Leadership is able to act in a zone where management cannot. Leadership involves accepting that we don’t have all the answers.

Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about letting it all hang out and tweeting your most intimate personal secrets with the whole wide world. But we are talking about being real. About being willing to admit mistakes, share hopes and fears – and admit that we don’t have all the answers.

Author & researcher Brene Brown says “Vulnerability is the absolute heartbeat of innovation and creativity” and “There can be zero innovation without vulnerability.” Why? Because vulnerability moves the leader to engage their whole team and organization, not because it’s the “right thing to do”, but because the leader can’t do it without them. Great leaders know the best source of answers in any business is at the sharp end, not in the ivory towers.

But vulnerability also allows us to relate to people, to connect with people. It is the crowning glory that completes a connection and makes it last.

So stop thinking you have to be perfect. Let some of your imperfections show, connect with your team and learn to rely on them – because you really can’t do it without them.

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