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It's all your fault

It's all your fault

Is it just me, or are menus fascinating?

I love pouring over them and getting excited about what I could choose – so much so my family are always trying to speed me up. Once in a while something on the specials board will leap out at me and I know exactly what I want without looking at the menu. If I go out for a meal with my father I know it’s best just to choose whatever he picks because he has a talent for choosing the tastiest meal on the menu and I will only end up with ‘food envy’ if I don’t follow suit! Or at the other end of the spectrum you can get someone to choose for you. In the early 90s, not long after the Berlin wall came down I went travelling round Eastern Europe. I remember entering a restaurant in Sofia to realise we didn’t have a hope of understanding the menu, nor they us. Our solution was to hand over some money and mime our request for them to bring whatever they thought we should eat. It was an experience I will never forget even though I still have no idea what some of it was!

Every day we are choosing from a menu. Sometimes we take a long time to work out what we want, sometimes we know it instinctively, sometimes we copy what other people are doing, and sometimes we simply let people choose for us.

But here’s the thing. Every one of those options is a choice. More than that – it’s our choice. Whether we agonise, go for ‘gut feel’, copy others or hand over the choice altogether by sticking our head in the sand we are still the one making the decisions, because deciding to copy other people or hand over the decision is still a decision!

If your outcomes are helping you become the best you can be, then that's great. If not, it’s all your fault - and it's up to you to do something about it!

Don’t follow the crowd– because the results you get will be the same as everyone else. We don’t have to be ordinary, drab and grey – we can be extraordinary – day by day, decision by decision, we can become the very best version of ourselves. And the only way to do it as we look at the menu is to recognise that however we approach it, the choice is ours.

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