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Find out what's really going on in your organisation (Listening - part 2)


Only a fool thinks they have all the answers.  Don't be one - make sure you listen.



Listening is a gift – one of the most important gifts that we can give to anyone.  When we choose to listen, it transforms both speaker and listener. As speaker we feel what we have to say is of value and we are motivated and engaged by the accompanying sense of self worth.

As listener, when we focus entirely on them we can almost magically sense exactly what is going on inside them. We turn into emotional intelligence experts and can pick up all the signals that help us fully understand not only what they are saying, but what they are feeling. Simply by listening. And because listening is a gift it cannot be taken – we can only give it of our own free will. It is a choice, based on a clear understanding that as leaders it really isn’t about us. The most powerful thing we can do is NOT to establish ourselves as the one with all the answers, but to help our teams realise that they are – and then create the space so that they can do something about it.
Because leaders who listen to employees find out what’s really going on within the organisation, not just what they think the leaders want to hear. Real listening, followed by action, creates an environment in which employees can see what they say matters – and so they feel valued, motivated and are willing to give of their best. 

And leaders who listen to customers find out what they really want – and what they are actually getting. Real listening, followed by action, creates priceless customer loyalty in an all too fickle world.


Now go and give your team a really good listening to! And when you listen to them notice what happens.




Photo Serge Timakov, Freeimages.com

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