90 day executive leadership challenge

Are you sick and tired of swimming in treacle? I can help you deliver faster results, increase engagement AND get your life back.

Activate immediate changes in leadership behaviour that will cultivate employees taking 100% personal responsibility for your organisation’s success.

Together, we can create unprecedented levels of trust and alignment within leadership teams that last beyond the classroom and reconnect with what matters most to achieve brilliance not just at work, but at life!

To accelerate the change I can work with your whole senior leadership team in parallel. Take up my 90-day executive leadership challenge and you will boost employee engagement and accelerate your strategic plan - without constantly sacrificing commitment to family & friends.

By the end of the 90 days you will:

  • Identify, implement and sustain changes in your own leadership behaviour that will transform the results you get from your team
  • Understand the value of and create a team of authentic leaders
  • Stop wasting huge amounts of time and resource through the creation of genuine alignment within your leadership team
  • Get more done with existing resources by beginning to release potential trapped within your organisation
  • Create the environment to deliver your strategic plan at pace
  • See energy and engagement returning to a change weary organisation
  • Establish a sustainable, satisfying work-life balance and reconnect with life and relationships beyond email and meetings

I will work with you to create a series of leadership workshops and 1:1 coaching tailored specifically to you and your needs. A typical plan could include the following:

  1. High Performance Coaching: I will work with each team member to identify and build on strengths, eliminate unconscious interference and accelerate progress as inspirational and authentic leaders
  2. Confronting Reality: facilitated discussion on collated output from 1:1 interviews to establish current reality, strategic direction, identify critical obstacles and generate greater coherence across your senior leadership team
  3. The Personal Leadership Programme: a transformational programme that will dramatically accelerate the development of leaders who are more open, self aware, responsive to staff concerns and both empowering and engaging
  4. High Performance Team Development: hands-on training that will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your team whilst dealing with real organisational issues
  5. The Art of Being Brilliant: An antidote to the crazy world that typifies modern Britain. This workshop uses cutting edge research put in refreshingly simple terms to explore how you can be you, brilliantly

Here is the next step:

This planet is filled with people who have ideas, but only a few have the courage to turn them into reality. To help you make the right choice I’d like to offer you a special one-on-one exploratory call. This initial session is free, of value in it’s own right and entirely without obligation.

Every team has it’s own unique requirements, so simply click here to contact me and we can develop the approach that will work best for you.

Take up the 90 Day Challenge Today!